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📌Napla N. Polish Oil Full Potency Orange Fruit Oil 150mL


Repair oil made with natural extracts. After styling, you can apply it to the ends of your hair to add luster and lightness to your hair. Sun Repair Oil for use as a hair oil or skin moisturizing oil.


🔹Contains shea butter, which can inhibit frizz. It is a repair oil that can moisturize hair, increase healthy luster, and care for hair. It can also be used as a hand cream or body moisturizer, which can give hair and skin moisture feeling and moisturizing

🔹For styling, it is a light oil, which can provide elasticity to the hair

🔹Full-effect sweet orange fruit oil, zero second absorption, light oil, not cumbersome, good moisturizing

🔹Citrus fresh scent, easy to use

🔹Repair oil made with natural extracts



Napla N. Polish Oil Total Orange Fruit Oil 150mL

SKU: 96535788
PriceFrom HK$230.00
  • How to use 1. If used on wet hair before blow-drying, it can bring smooth, moisturizing and natural luster to the hair after blow-drying.

    How to use 2. Use on left dry hair to bring luster to hair,   to suppress frizz, maintain curl texture and elasticity.

    Finally, you can apply the remaining essential oil on your hands and put it on your hands for emollient purposes.

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