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✨Napla N Shea Oil 150ml


💛Lightweight and non-burdening, it makes hair soft and elastic. N. Shea Light Oil is characterized by its light and weightless texture. The moisturizing ingredients can fully penetrate into the hair core, making the hair full of moisture, stronger and more elastic. The comfortable texture allows people who resist stickiness to use it with peace of mind.


✅Not cumbersome and good at moisturizing

✅Suitable for people who want to add volume to hair that is prone to flatness

✅Those who pursue a refreshing texture and want to achieve smooth, moist and elastic hair

✅Comfortable texture, light and weight-free texture, so people who resist stickiness are happy to use it

✅The formula is high in moisturizing ingredients, making hair smooth and elastic. It fully penetrates into the hair core, making hair full of moisture and stronger and more elastic.

Pure white floral fragrance


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Japan Napla Co., Ltd.'s mission is to be more friendly and gentle to hair, scalp, people, and the environment. Napla takes Solution Business (total solution business model) as its action goal, ensures the production of reassuring products through ISO9001 quality management, and returns to the customer-oriented perspective to create trustworthy products.


Napla N Shea Oil Shea Butter Oil 150ml

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  • Only suitable for hair ends.

    After shampooing, use a towel to remove excess water from your hair, and apply evenly to the ends of your hair before it dries.

    Best results when used on 70% dry hair.

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