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Loretta Base Care Oil 120ml


✅Japan COSME Awards 

✅Extract Damascus rose essential oil to give you shiny, soft and shiny hair that anyone wants to touch.

✅As soon as you apply it, the fresh and pleasant rose scent spreads immediately, leaving your hair refreshing and flowing, making you want to touch and smell the scent!

✅This product-based care, it can make the hair show a chiffon-like silky, spreading rose oil.

✅The product will not have the heavy feeling of refined oil, and the natural rose aroma is full of tenderness. You knead gently, and involuntarily complete the care of the hair smoothly.

✅Light rose fragrance

Japan Loretta Base Care Oil 120ml

SKU: 4567
HK$160.00 Regular Price
HK$135.00Sale Price
  • ✔️For medium-length hair, just press once.
    ✔️After soaking the hair with a towel, take an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand and wipe it out, then rub the hair ends and blow dry.




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