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Too cool for school Egg Remedy Hair Pack 100ml

The new concept of hair oil, maintenance does not need to be done step by step!

Egg butter + protein → dual-effect ingredients instantly heal damaged hair and provide nutrients needed by hair;

The perfect nourishing formula of egg yolk extract nutrients + egg butter! The nutritional source of hair depends on the supplement of protein!

Add five types of vitamins: Vitamin B2+B3+B7+B12+C; help protein absorption, repair a number of hair nutritional deficiencies, and make hair look soft and shiny.

Different from the fragrance of ordinary hair oil, it is added with French imported perfume, and the fragrance is high-end and long-lasting. It only needs to be applied to the hair once a day to have an angelic fragrance. .

Home hair care, repair damaged hair immediately!
Star egg ingredients: 2% egg yolk extract can effectively repair damaged hair, with high concentration of active ingredients, you can see the moisturizing effect immediately after a touch!
Natural rich vegetable oils (shea butter, cocoa butter, candle fruit seed paste): moisturize damaged hair, split ends, moisturizing but not sticky!
Protein maintenance ingredients (wheat protein, soy protein, oat protein): Intensive repair of damaged stratum corneum, repair damaged hair but not heavy, and restore smooth hair!

  • Rich in egg butter, egg yolk and arbutin extract, it can nourish damaged hair.

  • Contains plant protein and vitamins, which can improve and restore hair elasticity.

  • Contains 100% pure argan oil to repair damaged stratum corneum.

Too cool for school Egg Remedy Hair Pack 100ml

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  • Press 2~3 times and apply evenly on wet or dry hair. Can be applied to hair before and after shampooing.

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