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#Sincerely recommend, support local 


✅Made in Hong Kong

✅Natural hair products, carefully selected natural materials,.

✅A dense yet ultra-lightweight product that maintains natural hold throughout the day. Great for loose hairstyles.

✅Contains beeswax, apricot kernel oil, and expansive soil. In addition to providing good styling power, it can also be used as a barrier to lock the moisture in the hair and scalp, reduce dandruff, and control frizz.

✅Bergamot, Tangerine, Nutmeg, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Lavender

✅Long-lasting: moderate hold

✅Shiny: low gloss

✅Texture: Loose

✅Smell: Sandalwood fresh aroma


👍Main ingredients:

[BEESWAX]Natural wax gives hair good hold all day long.

[APRICOT OIL]contains vitamin A and minerals, which can soften and lock the moisture in hair and scalp by maintaining moisture in hair follicles and chemical shielding.

[Bentonite] can remove dandruff, strengthen hair follicles, and control frizz.

❌ Sulfate free. Does not contain petroleum jelly. Alcohol free. Does not contain EDTA. Cruelty free.


🔥Developed and produced by Tang Jianwen, the former deputy captain of Hong Kong football player, with all natural ingredients, all plants, no animal testing (zero cruelty, made to resist hot and humid weather, suitable for use in any weather, so that you can use it all day long Keep your hairstyle looking ideal.

🔥The products are anti-sweat and moisture-proof, with high plasticity, and the ingredients are especially suitable for sports people and people who sweat a lot. Many players in Jiezhi team like to use THUNDER FEATHER products in the locker room🎉, and hope to promote them to everyone.


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  • Dig some and rub it into your hands, apply it to your hair, or apply it to semi-wet hair to create a natural texture, and finally make the final shape

  • 如果您對我們的產品質量不滿意,我們很樂意退款給所有客戶。首先,您需要在收到我們的產品後的前7天內通過電子郵件通知我們。但是,您需要支付退回的運費。謝謝。

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