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SHISEIDO Stage Works Fluffy Curl Mist 150ml


No fear of heat damage, make the set head shape more durable, create fluffy, smooth curly hair, long-lasting soft touch, and effectively resist heat damage.


✅Suitable for short to long hair

✅Can highlight curly hair lines

✅Effectively resist heat damage

✅Hair is soft and long-lasting

✅Maltitol: Anti-humidity ingredient, can maintain the best humidity inside and outside the hair

✅Macadamia Nut Oil A: Anti-humidity ingredients, work together with maltitol to prevent styling from flattening due to changes in hair humidity

SHISEIDO Stage Works Fluffy Curl Mist Volumizing Curl Mist 150ml

SKU: 6565655
HK$119.00 Regular Price
HK$90.00Sale Price
  • After shampooing, dry the hair until it does not drip water. Sprinkle an appropriate amount of spray evenly on the inside and outside of the place about 15-20 cm away from the curling position, then curl the hair with curlers, and then loosen the hair with both hands, the effect will be even better nature.



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