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Minty Equalizing Cleanser
Mint Cooling Cuticle Purifying Shampoo


Formulated with a weakly acidic pH value, the water-like liquid has high fluidity and can adhere to the affected area of the scalp more evenly than traditional thick shampoos. It can be rubbed into a gentle foam to help soften dead skin cells and purify the scalp.

The scalp can breathe cool air anytime and anywhere. Let Your Scalp Breathe has the cooling effect of mint, while balancing excess oil on the scalp and removing dandruff and buildup.

It's gentle enough for daily use, leaving your hair voluminous and voluminous and your scalp absolutely free to breathe.

Micellar ingredients present a natural scalp barrier that helps retain moisture and neutral pH without stripping and drying the scalp.


• Micellar technology

• Love water and oil

• Balances pH to help retain moisture

• Remove dandruff and cuticles

• Suitable for oily scalp.




ShineMoist Magnet:icellar™ : Minty Equalizing Cleanser 330ml

SKU: 12212345
PriceFrom HK$145.00
  •  After washing your hair and scalp with warm water until they are soaked, apply an appropriate amount of shampoo evenly on your hair and scalp. Just massage gently and gently until lathering occurs, and then rinse thoroughly with water. deep.

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