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ShineMoist Blondelift+ Mild Bleaching Powder Combo Blondie Blondie


Blondelift+ mild bleaching powder 200g

Hair dye hydrogen peroxide 100ml


Lightening Powder

Blondelift+ Gentle color removal+ Fast fade


❤️The combination of dust-free bleaching powder and hydrogen peroxide can remove the natural pigment of the hair itself, so that the hair can reach orange or yellow hair color, and achieve the best win-win effect of hair quality and hair color


✓ Low odor does not hurt hair

✓ High-efficiency color removal and fading

✓ It is easy to stir evenly and the bleaching color is relatively uniform

ShineMoist HomeyHair Blondelift+ Mild Bleaching Powder Combo Set Blondie Blondie

SKU: 56789
PriceFrom HK$62.00

    Step 1: Do not wash your hair before bleaching to avoid scratching your scalp

    Step 2: First mix bleaching powder and hydrogen peroxide milk, the general ratio is 1:2, layer the hair, starting from the neck, the amount of application must be enough, use the hair dyeing comb to dip the bleaching agent, and gradually reduce the amount Apply to each hair strand. 

    Step 3: Wait for 20-30 minutes to observe the change of hair color. If it does not bleach to the blonde color in your mind, you may have to repeat the above steps for one or two more bleaches. Then wash and finish the oil treatment

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