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Shine Moist anti-frizz series, aimed at dry weather in Asia, especially suitable for Asians with dry weather


Anti-frizz Lightweight Rose Hair Oil 135 mL


✅Anti-irritating and light rose fragrance

✅Bye bye no irritability, block moisture, light and loose

💜Inviting rose fragrance hair

✅Rose seed oil with heat resistance, light weight and high penetration

✅ Refreshing and moisturizing, not greasy, strengthening the tightness of the hair scales, soft and easy to comb

✅It can moisturize dry hair, prevent dandruff, and smell fragrant, which is loved by ladies

✅The main component of hydrolyzed wheat protein to replenish hair is protein. If you want your hair to continue to grow healthily, you must replenish complete protein internally and externally so that the hair can absorb the nutrients it needs. The main protein components of wheat are Gliadin and Glutenin. After the hydrolysis process (Hydrolysis), it will be decomposed into a variety of amino acids including lysine, cystine, tryptophan, hydroxybutine, and methionine. Among them, the content of cystine in wheat protein is quite abundant, and it is also an important component of the main element of hair, "Keratin"; it has the ability to nourish the hair core, protect the hair scales, and repair the original water retention capacity of the hair. Its effect.

✅Coconut oil essence is rich in vitamins E and K and iron, which can make hair deeply moisturized, reduce frizz, naturally increase luster, contain antibacterial ingredients to clean hair, and the fatty acids in coconut oil can help improve damaged hair and scalp problem.

✅The ingredients of corn oil lock water treatment can lock the water inside the hair, so that the hair is stronger and more moisturized, and can nourish the hair follicles to nourish the scalp, prevent hair loss and hair loss, and accelerate hair growth.


Anti-Frizz Light Rose Hair Oil is a heat-resistant, lightweight, high-penetrating rose seed essence oil. It is refreshing and moisturizing and not greasy. It strengthens the tightness of the cuticles and makes the hair soft and combed.


It can be used with the same series of 🌹rose oil hair core repair oil, add 4-5 drops of 💧🌹 anti-frizz light rose hair oil and mix well to achieve a perfect molecular balance formula, instant deep repair, and it will be difficult for you to make your hair slippery.

SHINEMOIST Byebye frizzy Series Anti-Impact Lightweight Rose Hair Oil 135 mL

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  • The correct usage of hair oil is to put it on the palms of the palms, rub the palms of both hands and apply it on the hair. Apply a small amount of oil each time to avoid getting too heavy hands.

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