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QUICO 2-in-1 Ultra Black Repair Styler


Straight and curly hair "two-in-one" styling and hair care


QUCIO 2 in 1 Multifunctional Styler

Carry out the concept of light, simple and beautiful life philosophy

With the change of mood, change the shape of the straight line at will

Especially the coating with various hair care ingredients added to the heating plate  -  Keratin for softer, lustrous hair ;   Nano silver, anti-static/anti-odor


✅1 button to switch straight roll shape

✅18 seconds rapid heating function

✅Negative ion function  (Millions)

✅ Steam function  (Moisturizes hair and improves maintenance effect)

✅3 LED gear temperature display  (170°c /190°c /210°c)

✅Temperature lock  (anti-accidental touch)

✅30 minutes automatic shutdown setting

✅ Constant temperature design



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The Hong Kong brand Quico is derived from the meaning of Quick and simplicity, which means to remove the layers of tedious life and deliver pure and natural pleasure in daily life.

The brand implements the "light, simple and beautiful life philosophy". What we want to do is a tool that simplifies life, which can be gently approached to daily life and cultivate the mood of life.

QUICO 2-in-1 Ultra Black Repair Styler

SKU: 56789
HK$550.00 Regular Price
HK$529.00Sale Price
  • Product weight: 490g

    Product size: 34 cm  long

    Heating clip: 26mm diameter

    Package Size:   40*13*5cm (L*W*H)

    Rated voltage:  220-240V

    Rated frequency: 50-60Hz

    Rated power: 48W

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