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QUICO Ultimate Hair Styler


QUICO's new hair care styler is smarter and enhances hair protection.


Built-in Ultra Care Mode
No need to worry about the temperature value, choose the hair quality attribute, we will set the suitable temperature for you;

Precise temperature control:
Equipped with MCH heating system, 3000 calculations per minute, more accurate temperature control and improved product durability; the heating temperature of each strand of hair is not affected by the environment!

It only takes 10 seconds to heat up faster than similar products on the market, and it can quickly heat up to 100°C;

Preheating prompt sound:
When the heating plate heats up to 100°C, a beep will sound immediately, reminding the user that it can be used, and also reminding the user to be careful of accidental touch;

Add four repair materials to the heating plate:
Keratin - for softer, shinier hair and increased strand strength
Argan Oil - Moisturizes and further protects strands from damage
Cocoa Butter - Enhances moisturizing effect and reduces split ends
Tourmaline Powder - Reduces frizz, making hair straighter and smoother

✅A hair clip and silicone protective case are included with this product.


✅Compact and lightweight – the net weight of the body is 301g

✅Rapid heating function 20s > 100°c

✅Ceramic coating heating plate, super smooth experience

✅4 LED gears and temperature display (140°c /160°c /180°c /210°c)

✅Negative ion function (million level) nourishing hair care

✅Automatic shutdown after 60 minutes of no operation

✅360°c professional swivel wire

✅Constant temperature control

✅3 meters rotatable wire, not easy to tangle



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Hong Kong brandQuicotaken fromQuickeasy, easy,It means to remove layers of tedious life and deliver pure and natural pleasure in daily life.

The brand implements the "simple and beautiful life philosophy",What we want to do is a tool that simplifies life, can gently approach daily life, and cultivate the mood of life.

QUICO Ultimate Hair Styler

SKU: 3332422
HK$600.00 Regular Price
HK$519.00Sale Price
  • Product number: HC103-GB
    Pattern: Starry Black
    Product weight: 279g
    Temperature: 130°C - 210°C
    Hair care mode temperature: 135°C /160°C/185°C
    Product size: 26*3*2.5 cm (L*W*H)
    Package size: 33.5*12.8*5cm (L*W*H)
    Rated voltage: 220-240V
    Rated power: 44W
    Rated frequency: 50-60Hz
    Warranty period: 1 year