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Q8 Extra Hard Styling Spray 400mL


• Extra-strong dynamic styling spray, easy to clean, environmentally friendly VOC 55 formula

• Suitable for any hair type

• Quickly fix styling contours

• Specially designed for weak and lack of elasticity hair, very light body, no white spots, and can strengthen the toughness of hair strands, so that flat and weak hair restores support, volume and strength

• Easy to clean, the best choice for lightweight and long-lasting results

Q8 Extra Hard Styling Spray 400mL

SKU: 123452
HK$100.00 Regular Price
HK$72.00Sale Price
  • Correct use: Spray from a distance, spray into the air like a perfume, and let the spray drift down slowly.
    Misuse: The spray is too close to the hair, spray directly on the hair

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