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Olaplex Salon Intro kit


2-piece set contains:
- Olaplex Bond Multiplier No 1 (525ml) x1
-Olaplex Bond Perfector No 2 (525ml) X2

Olaplex is suitable for all hair types. Not only can it be used in hair salons for hair coloring and highlighting, but it can also be used for natural hair (not bleached) or chemically treated hair for repairing purposes.
Onapis is a three-step, three-system patented raw material, discovered by Dean Christal, and created by Dr. Craig Hawker and Dr. Eric Pressly, two of the world's top PHD's materials and chemistry authorities. Created without silicone or oils.
During the chemical treatment electrochrome process simultaneously repairs and rebuilds damaged hair tissue, even stronger than ever, leaving your hair feeling better than ever
During the electro-dyeing process, one dose of concentrated essence can resist the damage caused by chemical treatment electro-dyeing process; the second dose of creamy emulsion can revitalize and rebuild hair fiber tissue connection

NO.1 BOND MULTIPLIER / link multiple strengthening (connect the broken disulfide bonds)

NO.2 BOND PERFECTOR / Consolidate the integrity of the link (use the same active ingredient as No. 1 to repair the strength, structure and original integrity of the hair in the form of emulsion)

When the above two are combined with hot dyeing, the broken disulfide bonds can be connected to restore the strength, structure and original integrity of the hair throughout the process.


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OLAPLEX's patented technology is composed of a single molecule, free of silicone and oil, which significantly improves hair strength and protection for hair from the inside out, and provides instant results. OLAPLEX is effective in rebuilding the deep structure of hair with minimal damage to hair generally damaged by aging, environmental aggression, electro-dyeing or using overheated curling irons, or tight hair styling.

Olaplex Salon Intro kit

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