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OLAPLEX No.4D Clean Detox Refreshing and Volumizing Hair Dry Cleaning Spray 178g


Powered by patented OLAPLEX repair technology, it’s a scalp-friendly dry cleaning spray
Provides lightweight volume while being comfortable on the scalp
Reduces the chance of clogging pores or leaving white powder behind


• Added soothing ingredients to clean and soothe the scalp without leaving white residue.
✅ Contains precious plant extracts to make hair naturally fluffy and light, repair disulfide bonds, and rejuvenate damaged hair structure.
✅Remove impurities and experience a clean and good scalp environment.
✅Contains rambutan seed extract, which can reduce sebum oxidation, strengthen the scalp cuticle and soothe the scalp.
✅Contains fine rice starch, which is light and weightless. It absorbs excess oil from the scalp and hair, leaving no white residue on the scalp to clog pores.


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OLAPLEX's patented technology is composed of a single molecule and is silicone- and oil-free. It significantly improves hair strength and protection from the inside out, and provides instant results. OLAPLEX effectively rebuilds the deep structure of hair and minimizes damage to hair that is generally damaged due to aging, environmental damage, electro-dyeing, use of overheated curling irons, or excessively tight hair styling.

OLAPLEX No.4D Clean Detox Refreshing and Volumizing Hair Dry Cleaning Spray 178g

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  • Shake well before use. Part your hair. Hold the bottle 6-10 inches from your hair and spray onto the roots. Wait 30 seconds and massage your scalp.

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