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NOFFY Quick Dry Hydrating Gloss Spray 180g (No. 0/No. 3/No. 10)


✅Excellent quick-drying performance

✅Lightweight and non-sticky, creating a shiny, light and dynamic hairstyle

✅A variety of plant extracts give hair moisture

🔸Jifeng Leaf Extract 🔸Neelia Leaf Extract 🔸Yoshino Cherry Leaf Extract 🔸Scutellaria Root Extract 🔸Lemongrass Leaf Stem Extract 🔸Aloe Vera Leaf Extract


✅Inhibit the dryness and water shortage of hair caused by ultraviolet rays, etc., and help maintain hair color retention

✅Good cleaning effect and removal effect Use shampoo to remove immediately without leaving any damage to the hair

✅Fresh citrus natural floral fragrance


  • No. 0 light mist is refreshing and not heavy, easily creating a soft and natural luster


Refreshing and not heavy, easy to create a soft and natural luster


  • No. 3 fog making, anti-heat and brightening to improve shaping, also suitable for use before shaping

Unpretentious appearance & Keep, effectively grasp the shape


  • No. 10 fixed spray, set hair to maintain styling effect

Strongly lock the perfect shape without losing shape
Moisture-resistant and quick-drying, rapid shaping and setting, light and thin with zero gravity

NOFFY Quick Dry Moisturizing Gloss Spray 180g (No. 0/No. 3/No. 10)

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  • Proper use: Spray from a long distance, spray into the air like spraying perfume, and let the spray float down slowly.
    Misuse: Spray too close to the hair, spray directly on the hair