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📌Napla N. Natural Balm Shea Butter Wax Styling


Wax made with only naturally derived ingredients. Take an appropriate amount and rub it into the palm of your hand until it becomes oily, then apply it to your hair for styling. The remaining wax can be used as a moisturizing hand cream.


🔹 Made with 100% natural ingredients

🔹Can accurately grasp the hair line

🔹Provides a medium-bright gloss, which is very suitable for the pursuit of natural feeling of moist layers

🔹Made from natural extracts and shea butter

🔹Organic wild plant hair wax made from natural ingredients

🔹Oil cream pomade, creamy texture

🔹Various natural vegetable oils

Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Orange Peel Oil, Orange Peel Oil, Bergamot Oil, Palm Oil, Bitter Orange Oil/Twig Oil, Mugwort Flower/Leaf/Stem Oil


Napla N. Natural Balm Shea Butter Wax Styling 45g

SKU: 345664
PriceFrom HK$165.00
  • Take an appropriate amount on the palm of your hand, spread evenly, and turn into oil before styling.
    The balm left on the hands can also be used as a moisturizing hand cream.

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