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📌Milbon Prejume Wax Hair Wax 3/5/6 90g

Style each hair as desired, such as the movement of the ends and the feel of the strands, to maintain a light texture
● Does not become heavy over time!
●Wrapped by the fresh fruity fragrance, you can enjoy the fun of styling even more

●Give you a texture expression, and create a dynamic feeling of hair through the rhythm of your fingertips


🔹Number 3

Suitable for medium to long hair, the effect is natural and light, and the hair is soft and dynamic.

Stereotype Index: 3

🔹Number 5

Perfect for styling short to medium hair, it creates feathery voluminous volume and weightless air, bringing out the distinct movement and dimension from the roots.

Stereotype Index: 5

🔹Number 6

It is suitable for short hair styling to create a bouncy tress, as well as a clear sense of movement and three-dimensionality, effectively starting from the root of the hair.

Stereotype Index: 6

Milbon Prejume Wax Hair Wax Size 3/5/6 90g

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  • Use on dry hair, spread a small amount of modeling clay in the palm or fingertips each time, then apply it to the root of the hair, and then style it as desired; if it is a medium-length hairstyle, it can be used with hairspray for a more special styling effect.

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