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Milbon Jemile Fran Beautifying Treatment Conditioner 500mL


Milbon is the No.1 professional hair care brand in Japan

The Milbon Jemile Fran series is specially designed for women who are busy at work and have no time to go to the beauty salon to take care of their hair. Through daily washing, the hair and the core are filled with moisture, making the hair smooth and not easy to tangle.



✅Suitable for hair type:

1. soft hair

2. Hair damaged by electro-dyeing



1. (Self-regeneration) The unique dual-effect repair system of fine hyaluronic acid.

2. (High-efficiency moisturizing) Creates a moisturizing barrier for dry hair and locks in moisture.

3. (Strong hair) Strengthens fragile and damaged hair and improves elasticity.   


✅Main ingredients:

 1. Hyaluronic acid: also known as hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid is highly hydrophilic, so it has a special water-retaining effect, can firmly lock 1,000 times its own weight of water, and can make hair lasting for a long time Adequate moisture and full elasticity.

2. Dream repair ingredient "CMADK": highly topical in the Japanese hairdressing industry! Milbon's latest research and development formula, there are 5 kinds of miraculous Keratin-containing keratin, which is the main ingredient of hair. It can effectively reorganize and regenerate the internal structure of damaged hair due to dyeing or electric hair, so that the hair can return to near-undamaged health Include another hair moisturizing ingredient: moisturizing factor hydrolyzes collagen, which is a collagen in moisturizing state.

3. Tree of Life Essence Formula:

The strong vitality of the African tree of life, the extract of its leaves (Baobab Extract) formula,

It can completely maintain the moisture content of the hair.




Milbon Jemile Fran Beautifying Treatment Conditioner (For Young Hair) 500mL

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HK$350.00 Regular Price
HK$310.00Sale Price
  • 1. After shampooing and rinsing, apply about 4 parts per palm to middle to ends of hair.
    2. Gently tap from the middle to the ends of the hair to help the hair absorb more, and rinse after 3 minutes.

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