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Milbon Elujuda Point Care Stick 15ml


Quickly fix the frizzy hair you care about!
Remove fluffy fine hair.
It is a soft brush and does not get tangled in hair.
Apply together with the care ingredient "trehalose gel".
Non-sticky and non-hard feeling of use.
It fits in the bag so you can take it out anytime.


✅Japan’s No. 1 professional hair care brand

✅Suitable for people who want to take care of naughty and fine hair

✅Quickly sort out the hair you care about and make it tidy instantly

✅It can sort out naughty and small hairs that are difficult to tame, such as the hair on the top of the head, bangs and hair bundles. Thanks to its mascara-style design, it won't stain your hands, allowing you to create flawless beauty anytime, anywhere.

✅Main ingredients:


It is an excellent sugar with moisturizing and quality-maintaining effects. It is widely used in the food field and skin care products, and is also added to click care bars as a care ingredient. The viscosity of trehalose gel coats frizzy hair, merging it with the parts you care about and holding it in place.

Milbon Elujuda Point Care Stick 15ml

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  • ※When the hair on the top of your head is a concern
    Lift the brush slightly and gently blend in the short hairs.
    ※When the hair is messy
    Use a brush to blend the tiny hairs that peek out from the sides or back of your head.
    ※When you want to arrange your bangs
    Insert the brush into the inside of your bangs and glide gently.

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