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📌Lebel Viege Root Care Mist Volumizing Hair Root Care Spray 180mL


The LebeL Viege series gathers the essence of a variety of natural vegetables to effectively strengthen the internal structure of the hair, making the hair that was originally frizzy and frizzy more comfortable, and the hair softer and easier to comb.  


🔹Suitable for aging or hair loss

🔹An artifact that makes hair roots naturally fluffy

🔹Adjust the scalp environment to avoid dryness and tightness

🔹Effectively improve scalp dryness and odor

🔹Nourishing and conditioning head skin

🔹Strengthen the support of hair roots to increase the sense of volume

Lebel Viege Root Care Mist Volumizing Root Care Mist 180mL

SKU: 98655677
HK$233.00 Regular Price
HK$188.00Sale Price

    After shampooing, dry your hair with a towel, center on the top of the head, spray 4~6 times directly on the scalp, and then massage gently without flushing

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