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Porous repair and moisturizing spray

Capacity: 150ml

Contains rich nutrients, refreshing fragrance, adding PCA sodium, glycerin, panthenol, hydrolyzed keratin and other ingredients to add a lot of moisture and nutrients to the hair, soothe the scalp, smooth dryness and roughness, and repair damaged dyes Hair, strong hair, soft hair, make hair more hydrated, healthy and shiny. You can use this product to replenish nutrition and moisture before electric hair, after dyeing, straightening, shampooing, and styling after shampooing.


*Use before shaping to replenish water and prevent water loss and silking, making hair smooth and shiny

*Used as a conditioner, no oil and moisturizing, enhance elasticity

*Use after shampooing, blowing time faster and repairing hair

*After swimming tonic, it can neutralize chlorine *Has anti-UV function

*No flushing


Lazulite 多孔性修護補濕噴霧 Acid balance treatment spray 150mL

SKU: 370
HK$134.00 Regular Price
HK$84.00Sale Price
  • Spray directly and evenly on the hair, it can effectively replenish moisture, moisturize and shine, provide the most natural softening effect and, double the repair essence can provide hair care effect.

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