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Hairlink Fixmaster S5 Hair Spary 420ml  



• Environmentally friendly formula

• Micromolecular components help maintain long-term styling power

• The maximum limit of VOC<55% (volatile organic compound) content complies with Hong Kong regulations and standards

• Reduce the impact on health and the environment

• The texture is light and the effect is natural without being overly rigid

• Easy to clean, also has a long-lasting styling power

Hairlink Fixmaster S5 Hair Spary Powerful Hair Spray 420ml

SKU: 23567
HK$95.00 Regular Price
HK$45.00Sale Price
  • Correct use: spray from a distance, spray into the air like perfume, let the spray drift down slowly.
    Wrong use: the spray is too close to the hair, spray directly on the hair

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