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Shine Moist professional brand's first micellar magnetic water temperature and makeup remover technology is integrated into the scalp to purify the scalp. With the Asian scalp, the Micelle technology brings some dirt and pollutants, and the scalp is relaxed and zero burden.


In Hong Kong’s damp and wet weather, the hair is tanned and gelled, and only the micellar magnetic shampoo can help you clean and prevent moisture. When your hair is fluffy and tanned, it will control the oil in one go. Cleanses the scalp.



magnet:icellar™ series makeup remover micelle technology to remove dirt and pollutants. It is completely applied to the hair and scalp, and it can be used every day, and the scalp is easy to burden.

💙No silicon

💙Magnetic residue

💙 Gentle scalp removal

💙Activate hair roots

💙Micellar surfactant

💙 Peppermint oil


Step 1. Gentle cleaning: Micellar surfactant, non-silicone gentle cleansing hair styling product

Micellar Micellar Mint Silicone-Free Shampoo, which is gentle and clean, and has a volumizing effect on the hair if it is used well.😎😍

ShineMoist Magnet:icellar™ : Dirt Magnet Micellar Shampoo 溫和膠束薄荷無矽洗髮液 330ml/750m

SKU: 0009
PriceFrom HK$120.00
  • After washing the hair and scalp with warm water until drenched, apply an appropriate amount of shampoo evenly on the hair and scalp, just gently massage until foaming, and then rinse thoroughly with water to achieve deepness.

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