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FEELING POWERPOINT Finishing Hair Spray Powerful styling spray 400ml


  • Strong and natural hold, makes hair easy to style
  • Non-reflective, lightweight, won't add weight to hair
  • Not easy to white spots, will not bring stiffness and sticky feeling
  • Easy to clean, spray spreads evenly and dries quickly


Main ingredients: Lactic Acid Lactic acid factor: effectively increase the collagen and elastic fibers in the hair core, so that the hair remains elastic and not rigid

Herbal Essences plant extracts: natural moisturizing ingredients, increase collagen and elastic fibers, and have a strong shaping effect

FEELING POWERPOINT Finishing Hair Spray 400ml

SKU: 444444555
HK$100.00 Regular Price
HK$85.00Sale Price
  • Proper use: Spray from a long distance, spray into the air like spraying perfume, and let the spray float down slowly.
    Misuse: Spray too close to the hair, spray directly on the hair

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