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Zen Active Z19r Hair Follicle Care Solution 200mL


Z19r contains PROCAPIL vitamin complex, rich in olive leaf extract, fatty acids and vegetable oils, which can control hair loss and promote hair growth. It can prevent hair loss and restore the hair structure, increasing its density. Effective ingredients can prevent hair follicles from aging and hair loss.


✅Prevent hair loss, with rich nourishing and care ingredients. It is very effective in solving the problems of insufficient nutrition of hair follicles and slow hair growth .

✅With unique ingredients:

  • Olive leaf extract,
  • fatty acid
  • Vegetable oil
  • PROCAPIL Vitamin Complex provides high-quality anti-hair loss care to prevent hair loss
  • Life-giving tropical rain scent
  • Sugarcane extract can dissolve the peculiar smell of hair and provide certain care for the scalp.
  • Lemon extract has anti-inflammatory effects, can enhance hair metabolism, and has anti-aging effects.
  • Camellia extract is highly anti-oxidant to delay aging
  • Apple fruit extract is used to improve hair growth and treat dandruff


With Z12r bath hair cream and Z10r strengthened base hair mask and Z18r anti-deactivation essence in its purification series, the anti-removal effect is better.

Erayba Professional Line Zen Active Z19r hair follicle care solution 200mL

SKU: 1234
HK$360.00 Regular Price
HK$170.00Sale Price
  • Before use, please wash your hair with Z12r bath hair cream, and then dry it with a towel. Then apply Erayba Z19r to the scalp with gentle massage movements. Do not rinse. It is recommended to use it (alternatively during the rest period of Z18r Shock Lotion).


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