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Zen Active Z10r Strengthening Base Hair Mask


Z10r Strengthening Base Hair Mask contains PRIMASPONGE vitamins and plant amino acids, which can restore root hair follicles and strengthen hair. And exudes an unforgettable smell of tropical rain. It is recommended to use a hair mask to protect weakened hair. As its ingredients contain vitamin complexes, it can restore damaged hair fibers and give hair vitality. It activates the blood circulation of the scalp and makes hair healthy and shiny.


✅A new formula Primasponge Vitamines™ to prevent hair loss and loss of vitality, specially designed to enhance and accelerate regeneration

  • Actively restore the structure of the hairline,
  • Nourishes and activates keratin sheath
  • Stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp, thereby significantly improving the nutrition of hair follicles,
  • Strengthen them and renew the growth of strong and healthy hair
  • Prevent hair loss
  • The rich care ingredient complex can provide high-quality hair care, making it shiny, easy to handle, moisturizing and silky.
  • Stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp, make hair healthy and shiny
  • The unsaturated fatty acid in shea butter is the highest among all fats, rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, and antioxidants. These are all right = very good hair Nutritional elements can help hair brighten and reduce hair breakage.
  • The blue particles in it can effectively stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp, consolidate the gloss and texture of the hair.


With the Z12r bath hair cream and Z18r essence and Z19r maintenance stock in its purification series, the anti-dropping effect is better.

Erayba Professional Line Zen Active Z10r Strengthening Base Hair Mask 150mL

SKU: 2311
HK$185.00 Regular Price
HK$145.00Sale Price
  • Apply Erayba Z10r hair mask continuously on the washed and towel-dried hair. Then, apply the hair mask to the scalp with gentle massage movements. After 3-5 minutes, rinse off with plenty of warm water.

    Gradually use Z12r bath hair cream, Z10r hair mask, Z18r activating essence and Z19r maintenance liquid to achieve maximum effect.


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