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Erayba Professional Line Z12b Refreshing Balancing Shampoo


📌Zen Active Super Oil Balancing Cleansing series is very suitable for those who have super oily hair.

After treatment, the excess oil in the hair will be completely removed. It also cleans the hair deeply and provides a healthy, balanced and light appearance.


Balance therapy

✅Styling oily hair, regulating sebum secretion

✅Deeply clean the hair and control the sebum secretion of the scalp

✅Provides health for hair

✅Light and balanced appearance


📌Z12b refreshing balancing shampoo – 250mL

✅Deep oil-control shampoo, with certain regulating effect, regulating sebum secretion

✅Deeply clean hair, control scalp sebum secretion, make hair healthy and shiny

✅It has a light aloe aroma

✅Make hair healthy, light and balanced.

Erayba Professional Line Z12b Refreshing and Balancing Shampoo 250mL/1000mL

SKU: 150
PriceFrom HK$130.00
  • 1. Wash your hair and dandruff with shampoo. 2. Massage movements, evenly distribute each hair strand and scalp, then flush

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