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Erayba-HydraKer K12 Keratin Shampoo



✅Suitable for all hair types, especially for weak hair

✅Repair any type of damaged hair problems, repair the uneven coordination between the damaged keratin layer and the scales formed by this layer

✅Argan oil can repair, protect and smooth hair.

✅Provides protection, natural luster, and strong moisturizing hair

✅No salt, sulfate and paraben

✅1000mL large professional discount SIZE


✅Main ingredients:

  • Hydrolyzed keratin: will directly act on the restoration of hair structure. It will retain moisture and nutrients inside the hair, immediately making the hair shiny and silky.
  • Argan Oil: Will bring strong moisturizing and delicate fragrance to your hair.


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Spanish professional brand Erayba HydraKer complete repair series, strong keratin and argan oil therapy, absolutely moisturizing and reforming hair. No parabens, no salt, no sulfate and hypoallergenic perfume. For damaged hair that requires special care and deep moisturizing. Enhance hair reconstruction from the inside out, protect hair, natural shine, nourish and smooth effect. HydraKer series can make hair naturally beautiful.



Erayba - HydraKer K12 Keratin Shampoo角蛋白滋潤浴髮乳 250ml/1000mL

SKU: 1990
PriceFrom HK$130.00
  • Erayba K12 Keratin Shampoo is suitable for moisturizing hair and lathering over the entire length with a massage action. Then leave the shampoo for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water. Repeat this step if necessary.

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