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📌Emma Cocarne Treatment Plus  High Concentration Hydrolyzed Keratin Nutrient Solution 100ml


Hair is mainly composed of a protein called keratin. Keratin accounts for about 80-90% of hair and is an essential ingredient for shiny and shiny hair. This keratin protein is lost due to various factors such as heat, friction, hair color, and more.

Emma Cocarne Treatment Plus  It's like taking a supplement concept to replenish hair with vital nutrients.


🔹Contains a high concentration of hydrolyzed keratin. Penetrates, absorbs, and repairs damaged hair, while increasing hair elasticity and moisturizing power, making hair firm, silky, and shiny.

🔹It can be used as a softener and antistatic agent to protect hair from friction and static electricity.

🔹Using high-concentration hydrolyzed keratin, fullerene, and three plant-derived ingredients to enhance the care effect to the ultimate level

🔹Repair hair quality with extremely high concentration of three stem cells

🔹 Refreshing aroma based on lavender and geranium

🔹Main ingredients

● Hydrolyzed keratin (Hydroxypropyltrionium hydrolyzed keratin (wool))

● fullerene

● 3 cultured extracts from plants

- Apple fruit cultured cells

- Rhododendron leaf culture cells

- Argan tree callus

Emma Cocarne Treatment Plus High Concentration Hydrolyzed Keratin Nutrient Solution 100ml

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    After shampooing, fully dry the water, apply the nutrient solution on the hair, let it stand for about 3 minutes, rinse it off, and then use other conditioners, it is recommended to add it after flushingEmma Cocarne Oil Hair care oil for further hair care before drying

    or can be 1:5 (Emma Cocarne Treatment Plus :conditioner) proportion added to the conditioner to use


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