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ELLIPS hair care capsules from Bali

One bottle of black cap keratin (50 capsules)

Top seller in Japan, recommended by Internet celebrities.


Repair long-term damaged hair in a short time. It is packaged in capsules and can be used after twisting. It is light and easy to carry. The light packaging is like a pearl, which is free of washing and quick absorption! Capsules, take a few capsules to travel! It can take care of your hair at any time, keep it fragrant and supple.

Keratin enhanced version of Ellips Pro-Keratin Complex, which has powder, yellow and black effects and then upgraded upup

~ Adding keratin ingredients can make hair smoother and stronger, making hair soft and elastic.

Hair is mainly composed of protein. Daily high-temperature styling, blowing, perming, etc.... all the time, it destroys the hair quality 🤯

In the new product, the added keratin ingredient~ just replenishes the daily loss of hair protein and helps protect the health of the hair.

It is rich in vitamins and can prevent high temperature and ultraviolet rays from damaging the hair. It can be used immediately without washing. It is very convenient for daily maintenance or use before styling!

Simple steps, professional care, light and no-washing, fast absorption, convenient and quick.


🌸Powder/Jojoba Oil-(Keratin Upgrade/Dyeing and Repairing)

Rich in vitamin A, C, E, B5 formula, jojoba oil, Moroccan oil, it helps to smooth the structure of dyed and perm damaged hair, repair and improve the problem from the root. Make hair healthier, smoother and shiny.


🌼Yellow/Aloe-(Keratin Upgraded Version/Supple and Fluffy)

Essential for daily care, it contains vitamins A, E, B5, argan oil and exclusive customized aloe oil to keep the hair hydrated, smooth and combed to help nourish and moisturize the hair, making the hair look more fluffy and natural.



🌷Black/Stone Chestnut Aloe Vera-(Keratin Upgraded Version/Bright Luster)

Designed specifically for long black hair to prevent UV damage to the hair, rich in vitamin A, E, B5 formula, hazelnut extract and aloe essential oil, nourish and protect the hair from the sun's ultraviolet rays, making the black hair more black, shiny and shiny .



ELLIPS Hair Care Capsules Keratin Plus 50 Capsules

SKU: 0018
HK$120.00 Regular Price
HK$72.00Sale Price
Colour effect
  • 1) After shampooing, apply the ends of the hair in a semi-dry state

    2) For dry hair, apply directly to the end of the hair

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