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Echosline Utilities Barrier Cream 150ml


Various bleaching and dyeing procedures can negatively affect the appearance of the hair and worsen the condition of the scalp. To avoid hair damage during the process, please use a protective cream developed by experts.



✅Through the active ingredients of the product, a protective layer is formed on the skin and hair.

✅It contains precious trace elements, which can keep hair smooth and shiny. The subtle consistency ensures uniform application without burden.

✅Its barrier substance forms a protective film between the skin and the coloring agent to prevent damage to the skin during the dyeing process.

Echosline Utilities Barrier Cream 150ml

SKU: 6789
HK$140.00 Regular Price
HK$90.00Sale Price

    Before bleaching and dyeing hair, apply the cream along the hairline and scalp to protect the scalp.

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