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CURLY SHYLL Nourishing Repair Shampoo Mask 200mL


✔ Those who want to shorten the drying time

✔ Those who have severely damaged hair due to frequent perming and dyeing

People who use hot tools frequently

People with damaged hair due to frequent bleaching


✅ Paste water-soluble shampoo-free film

✅With heat resistant effect

✅Improve the moisturizing and elasticity of hair

✅ Contains ceramides to enhance strength and moisture

✅Can be used as a night repair hair mask

✅The hot blowing process effectively improves the activity and forms a protective film


Ingredients include:

【Babassu Seed Oil】: A natural protective film that provides nourishment

【White pond flower seed oil】: Natural protective film to protect against external damage

【Burl Hard Walnut Seed Oil】: Nourishes hair, Omega- increases elasticity

【Ceramide】: Reduce damage and improve hair elasticity


CURLY SHYLL Nourishing Repair Shampoo Mask 200mL

SKU: 56600
HK$315.00 Regular Price
HK$295.00Sale Price
  • After shampooing , take 2-3 soy-sized pastes and place them in the palm of your hand .

    After fully rubbing and melting , apply it to the half-wet hair that has been wiped with a towel

    Dry with hair dryer

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