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Cashmere Blonde [New Packaging] Shampoo 500ml


can be easily mixed through rapid absorption technology to produce a denser emulsion and increase the required de-yellowing elements.

Decolorant Lightener Cream provides a highly effective effect, reduces damage to the hair and scalp, and finally presents a perfect bleached and dyed effect. shampoo neutralizes the brassy dull yellow tone of blond, bleached and white hair. The active oil complex (Pistachio Seed Oil, Star Flower Seed Oil, Sage Oil and PRO-B5) can repair, fight against frizz and nourish the hair after dyeing.


Applicable hair: Highlighted or blond, gray and white hair


Product Efficacy: Significantly reduce hair fading, relieve frizzy hair, easy to take care of


Product Features: Color Protecting Shampoo, Contains Violet Pigment, Pistachio Seed Oil, Starflower Seed Oil, Sega Oil & Pro-B5 Vitamin Ingredients, gentle and moisturizing cleansing hair, improving the luster of natural and dyed blonde hair .


✅Violet pigment

It repairs the hair and resists oxidation, delays the fading of the dyed hair, and provides a soft and smooth feel. Violet color correction particles, using the principle of color complementation, are like the purple tinted cream in cosmetics that can neutralize yellowish skin tones. Violet color correction particles can modify and correct yellow, orange, and copper tones in hair. Cool or brown hair can help modify the hair color, and the effect is more pronounced for bleached and dyed hair.


✅ Pistachio Seed Oil

It is rich in vitamin E and a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, which not only can resist aging, but also has a great effect on the softening function of hair. It has no greasy feeling and can be quickly absorbed by the skin. It is very suitable for protecting hair, especially for rough repair Very effective

✅Starflower Seed Oil

Promote hair health, its fatty acids can positively promote hair growth

✅Sega Oil

Has a tonic and protective effect

✅Pro-B5 Vitamin

It has an excellent deep moisturizing effect, can instantly repair the hair tips, restore the elasticity of the hair from the inside out, and make the hair smoother and more shiny. It has always been recognized as the most effective ingredient. Within one to two days after rinsing, The sebum will become soft and soft, and it can also moisturize the hair for a long time, preventing the hair from becoming dry and split.

✅Dyeing hair does not hurt your hair

✅Sulphate-free (SLS FREE) shampoo can extend hair color and improve hair vitality.


❌Sulfate Free

❌Silicone free

❌Paraben free

ShineMoist Cashmere Blonde 𣊬間殺黃洗髮液 500ml (漂染後專用洗髮水)

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  • Wet your hair, use an appropriate amount and gently massage for 3-10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. If you need to use it 2-3 times a week, it is recommended to use conditioner at the same time.

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