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Paimore  White Blench 500g


💖The effect is more transparent than ordinary bleaching powder

💖Minimize hair damage

💖Keeping hair quality is healthy

💖Asian recipe


*Where the purchase amount of dyeing and ironing products is more than $300, there will be free hair dyeing equipment (i.e. gloves, ear protection, hair dyeing bowl, hair dyeing brush)



Paimore White Blench 500g

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HK$350.00 Regular Price
HK$230.00Sale Price

    For hair bleaching:

    Recommend 1 serving of bleaching powder 80g + 2 servings of hydrogen peroxide milk 160g

    (1-1.5 parts for short hair or new hair)

    Quick bleaching: bleaching once, with 9% milk

    Slow bleaching: bleaching twice, the first time with 6% milk, the second time with 3% milk

    (You don’t need to flush the water after the first float, just float for the second time)

    Bleaching time depends on personal hair quality, judge by yourself

    Not recommended for too long 

    After flushing, dry your hair completely, use negative ion clips or hair straighteners to straighten your hair, and then use the second dose of neutralizer, the amount is about 80G-120G (depending on the length of the hair), at a distance from the scalp Start to apply evenly on the hair at about an inch, then comb the hair straight, wait for about 20 minutes and then rinse.

    If you have naturally loose hair, please use negative ion clips or hair straighteners to straighten your hair one more time to achieve the best results.

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