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Japan Napla HB Professional Hair Straightening Cream 1 dose 400g + 2 doses 400g

Contains a pack of 1 dose of 400g and 2 doses of 400g

💖N general type is suitable for normal hair, or for damaged hair / H strong type is suitable for new hair or severe natural curls

💖The smooth texture makes the hair cohesive, even if it is naturally loose hair, it is also suitable for use.

💖It is characterized by its natural softness, moisturizing feeling and cohesion

💖Its various sex ingredients, shea butter, L-arginine, herbal extracts, plant natural moisturizing ingredients give hair softness and inhibit dryness.

💖The oily and moisturizing ingredients from natural sources penetrate deeper to form a soft and smooth hair texture.

💖Focus on natural and natural ingredients, no silicone added, treat the scalp and hair gently.

💖It emphasizes repairing damaged hair and creating a new sense of smooth and shiny texture. Straightening perm agent.

Note: After using the negative ion cream, try not to wash your hair within three days, and do not hold your hair behind your ears or tie it up.

日本Napla HB Spruce Straight專業直髮膏 N一般型/H強力型 1劑400g+2劑400g

HK$600.00 Regular Price
HK$360.00Sale Price
  • Wash your hair first without adding conditioner, and then blow dry your hair.

    First use the first dose to spread evenly on the hair about an inch away from the scalp, then use a flat comb to straighten the hair, wait for the hair to soften and rinse.

    Note: It takes 20-30 minutes for rough and hard hair; 10-20 minutes for hair after bleaching or electricity.

    After flushing, dry the hair completely, use a negative ion clip or hair straightener to straighten the hair, and then use the second neutralizing liquid to apply evenly to the hair about an inch from the scalp, and then comb the hair Straight, wait for about twenty minutes before flushing.

    If the hair is naturally loose, please use the negative ion clip or straight hair clip to straighten the hair one more time to achieve the best results.