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Japan FEELING power point 7.0 Hydrating Cream 200mL



✅Suitable for straight hair shaping

✅Excellent moisturizing factor makes hair soft and smooth

✅Increase gloss

✅Create a perfect texture

✅With styling and moisturizing effect

✅Add anti-heat and anti-UV effects

✅Hair is smooth and easy to comb, restores bright and smooth

✅The effect of instantly calming frizzy hair, making hair soft and smooth

✅Non-blowing hair can also have natural inner curling tail


✅Main ingredients:

Mineral Factor mineral spring organic active factor: powerfully replenish moisture and repair the internal structure of hair

Sodium Polyacrylate: super moisturizing factor, increase softness and gloss


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Japanese high-quality brand FEELING is an enterprise group that integrates product development, sales and technical guidance. It has a complete range of electric dyeing, washing and styling products. FEELING has also won the international trend fashion magazine JESSICACODE 【The Hottest Brand of Professional Hair Styling Product Award 2014/ 15] Grand Prize, and was selected as a shortlisted brand in the [Hair Styling Product Award] and [Hair Care Product Award] of the No. 1 Japanese trend magazine ViVi [Wang Dao Beauty Awards].

Japan FEELING power point 7.0 Hydrating Cream 200ml

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PriceFrom HK$48.00
  • Take an appropriate amount on the palm of your hand and push it evenly, and let the cream blend into your hair naturally from top to bottom.

    You can also apply SMOOTHING CREME when the hair is 70% dry, and then blow dry. Not only can it make the subsequent styling easier to comb, but also form a protective film to resist the damage of the hot air to the hair ends.

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