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Japan's AURA LUMINA Magic SII second generation silver ion photosensitive white hair color replenishing hair cream 75g


Aura Lumina Magic Japanese Aura Sunlight Hair Dyeing Cream is the ultimate solution for gray hair. The principle of dyeing white hair is that the silver ions dissolved in the water turn into metallic silver particles when exposed to light. By absorbing ultraviolet rays from the light source, the silver particles adhere to the hair. It makes the hair surface appear dark brown. This formula has obtained Japanese patent certification, License No. 3881688. Aura Lumina Magic Japanese Aura Sunshine Hair Color Cream is a chemical-free hair dye formula and there is no similar product on the market. No chemical hair dye ingredients: No alkaline chemicals are used, such as diamine system dyes, p-fenidyl amines, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide (oxidants).


❤️Patented silver ion formula, hair care lotion that uses light to dye hair and color white hair

❤️No need to rinse, refreshing and not sticky, your hair will not be greasy or flat.

❤️Contains Okinawa mozuku and 10 kinds of plant extracts, giving hair moisture and shine

❤️Odorless, ammonia free

❤️Does not contain harmful substances: p-phenylenediamine (PPD for short), alkaline agent - ammonia, acidifying agent - hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide)

  • It changes color quickly and will be colored in 2-3 times when exposed to sunlight.
  • The color lasts longer and is not easy to fade, and each tube can be used for many months.
  • Recommended by dermatologists, suitable for sensitive skin


The main ingredients include Okinawa mozuku, 10 kinds of plant extracts and lavender essential oil. It is definitely a hair care cream for white hair.
Ostrichia seaweed extract (Okinawa mozuku brown algae extract)/ Gentian root extract/ Arnica extract/ Sesame flower extract/ Watercress leaf extract/ Burdock root extract/ Ocean ivy leaf/stem extract/ Garlic extract / Scots pine cone extract/ rosemary leaf extract/ white chamomile flower extract/ lavender essential oil

Japan's AURA LUMINA Magic SII second-generation silver ion photosensitive white hair color-replenishing hair cream 75g

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  • It is recommended to use Aura Sunlight Hair Color Cream in the morning.

    • Use on clean hair for best results. Wash your hair the night before or the morning of application.
    • Use the white comb included in the package or your fingers (wearing gloves) to apply it on semi-dry or completely dry white hair. Use the same method as applying general hair care and styling products. Apply 3 to 4cm in 3 strokes each time. The amount should not be excessive and there is no need to rinse. , leave the hair color cream on your hair for at least a full day.
    • Go to a place with sunlight or outdoor UV light for 20-30 minutes without direct exposure.
    • You can wash your hair as usual at night.
    • Repeat steps 1-4 for 1-3 days or until desired hair color is achieved.  
    • White hair first turns into light brown, and then gradually turns into natural dark brown. The speed of color change depends on the length of time and the number of times it is exposed to light.
    • After the gray hair develops to the desired color, it will not fade and can last for more than a month.
    • If your fingers/skin/clothes get stained with hair dye, please wash it immediately with soap to prevent the hair dye from changing color when exposed to light.

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