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Kao Kao Cape Fluffy Setting Spray (Fragrance Free) 180g


• Ultra-long-lasting styling spray that maintains volume, flow, and volume throughout the day

• Suitable for any hair type, especially for bangs

• Fragrance Free Long Lasting Setting Spray 

• No stiffness, no heavy feel, keep hair naturally fluffy


purple 💜
🌟 Durability: Level 4
It can maintain the three-dimensional sense and flow all day long, the curl is beautiful, and the moisture-resistant formula ✨
📍Suitable for different fluffy curly hairstyles, bob heads

blue 💙
🌟 Durability: Level 3
It can prevent the hair from being broken and not easy to curl up, and the hairstyle can be maintained in rainy days and strong winds 😜
📍Suitable for short hair that keeps the broken hair and maintains the same shape when tying up the hair

💚Green natural styling
Durability Level 2
Natural hold live air bangs

日本花王 Kao Cape 蓬鬆定型噴霧 50g/180g/300g (3色強度選擇)

SKU: 9876532
PriceFrom HK$28.00
Setting effect
  • No need to shake the bottle to use, spray more than 20cm away from the hair

    (It can also be sprayed on the inside of the hair to increase the styling force)

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