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Curly hair styling combination 


Set includes:

QUICO 2-in-1 Multi-function Styler

CURLY SHYLL Curly Hair Styling Cream 150ml


🔹QUICO 2-in-1 Multi-function Styler (Blue/White)

Straightening and curly hair "2 in 1" has both styling and hair care

QUCIO 2 in 1 multi-function styler

Carry out the concept of light, simple and beautiful life philosophy

Change the straight and straight shapes at will as your mood changes

Carry out the concept of light, simple and beautiful life philosophy

✅1 button to switch straight roll shape

✅18 seconds rapid heating function

✅Negative ion function (million level)

✅Steam function (moisturizes hair, improves maintenance effect)

✅3 LED gears and temperature display (170°c /190°c /210°c)

✅Temperature lock (anti-mistouch)

✅30 minutes automatic shutdown setting

✅Constant temperature design


🔹CURLY SHYLL Curly Hair Styling Cream 150ml

Naturally derived essential oils and keratin nourish and define curls. It enhances and maintains natural curls.

Volume ●●●●○Glossiness●●●○○

✅Strong Hold, Lasts Over 12 Hours "It helps make hair styling flexible and lasts for a long time.

"✅ EASY TO USE TUBULAR WAX" This tubular wax facilitates hygienic use and easy styling.

"✅Protects Scalp and Hair" Gentle natural ingredients help protect scalp and hair from damage while styling.

"✅Easy to clean "The head can be washed thoroughly after one wash".

Set curly hair combo

HK$650.00 Regular Price
HK$620.00Sale Price
  • Curl out with 2-in-1 styling clip Want to know how to style your hair

    Follow with Curl Styling Cream to style

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