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Italian RR LINE Argan Star Argan Keratin No-Rinse Hair Care Spray 200ML


Moisturizes, detangles and protects hair without weighing it down. Thanks to its unique balancing and lightweight formula, it coats the hair and gives it tone, volume and shine.


✅Regenerating conditioner with argan and keratin moisturizes hair, making it easier to comb

✅With its specific balancing and lightweight ingredients, it coats the hair and gives it strength, volume and shine.

✅Ideal product for daily use, providing effective care for porous, dry and damaged hair

✅Suitable for all hair types, softens hair and greatly facilitates subsequent combing. At the same time, the spray does not weigh your hair down and keeps it light.

✅Especially suitable for brittle, frizzy and often chemically treated hair

✅Main ingredients:

Argan oil: moisturizes and fights free radicals. High content of Vitamin A and Vitamin E, antioxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids and Linoleic Acid.

Keratin: Fills the porosity of hair, replenishes nutrients, rebuilds hair structure, strengthens toughness, restores hair health, and makes hair soft and shiny.

Italian RR LINE Argan Star Argan Keratin No-Rinse Hair Care Spray 200ML

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HK$175.00 Regular Price
HK$135.00Sale Price
  • ①Pour an appropriate amount of hair oil into the palm of your hand, then spread it between your palms and fingers, and apply it to wet or dry hair but not close to the scalp. Use your fingers to comb it to the ends of your hair and apply it evenly on your hair.

    ②When dyeing hair, add 3-5 ml to the dye mixture to protect hair and enhance color brightness.

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