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Italian Togethair DETOX MUD

-Pre-Shampoo NHC SPA Treatment (scalp care)


The detoxifying mud mask for oily scalp before shampooing is based on the ingredients of ventilated green mud, rich in minerals, and has a purifying effect. Due to its active ingredient fuller's earth/reduced glue, it has a purifying and rebalancing effect, which can ease and prepare for the next cleaning stage.

✅Suitable for greasy hair,

✅Adsorb grease and toxins

✅Improve the scalp and odor caused by hair oil

✅It is rich in minerals and has a purifying effect

✅Long-term use will definitely keep your hair healthy and strong

✅To cure hair loss and other problems, first start with scalp cleaning.

Italy Togethair Detox Mud-Pre-Shampoo NHC SPA Treatment 100mL

SKU: 6677
HK$235.00 Regular Price
HK$165.00Sale Price
  • Recommended to use 1-2 times a week

    Pre-shampoo care: apply to dry or slightly damp scalp, apply the product on the scalp with the help of a special nozzle. Massage gently. Keep it for 5-10 minutes, rinse off and continue to use shampoo.

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