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Italy Davines Oi Oil Davines Oi Repairing Hair Tail Oil 135ml


Lightweight multifunctional hair care and tail oil can add luster and softness to hair, smooth hair frizz and prevent hair from knotting, especially suitable for dry, rough hair.


✅Professional hair salon to special recommendation

✅It contains Roucou Oil essential oil, which is rich in β-carotene (100 times higher than carrot), which helps to restructure damaged hair and promote healthy hair growth.

✅Prevent hair aging and provide strong antioxidant effect

✅Instantly smooths frizzy hair

✅Increase the smooth feeling of hair

✅ Effectively strengthen and prevent hair damage

✅Protect hair from styling and environmental factors

✅Make hair softer, smoother, more shiny, more moisturized and easier to take care of

✅Long lasting fragrance refreshes the spirits

✅Suitable for all hair types

Italy Davines Oi Oil Davines Oi Repairing Hair Tail Oil 135ml

SKU: 56890
PriceFrom HK$167.00
  • 1. After shampooing, use a towel to remove excess water from the hair, and apply it evenly on the ends of the hair before it is dry.

    2. Daily use: It can be used on dry hair to make the hair soft and easy to comb immediately

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