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📌Alter Ego Botanikare anti-allergic soothing liquid 150mL contains patented organic pepper fruit extract and DEFENSIL®, specially designed for sensitive scalp, can reduce itching, irritation and tingling sensation, and restore the scalp to normal pH. Its exquisite Mallow & Chamomile are allergen-free, giving you a fresh and delicate feeling. Smell aromatic, woody, spicy benefits to regenerate and protect the scalp. Instantly soothes the sensation, relieves itching and burning sensation, helps speed up the normalization process of the scalp. Special formula ✅ZANTHALENE ® certified organic pepper fruit extract, also known as green pepper It has been widely used to treat the symptoms of scabies, eczema or itchy skin for many years. It has a soothing and calming effect and can relieve symptoms of burns, itching and redness. ✅DEFENSIL® is an innovative technology that combines three plant extracts: Echium Plantagineum, Cardiospermum Halicacabum and Helianthus annuus. For sensitive, inflamed and swollen scalp, it can strengthen the skin's immunity, effectively alleviate the symptoms of sensitivity, redness and swelling, and relieve the tingling sensation. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ALTER EGO BOTANIKARE Natural Scalp Treatment Series is for treatment Hair and scalp health problems, specifically to solve, prevent and treat various scalp problems and diseases, such as: early hair loss, excessive head oil, dandruff problems and sensitivity. Maintaining a clean and healthy scalp is the first step to having strong, healthy and shiny hair. The BOTANIKARE natural scalp treatment series also uses fragrances extracted from natural plants and certified organic ingredients to provide a fresh smell and relax the body and mind. All products in the BOTANIKARE natural scalp treatment series do not contain: paraben, sulfate, SLES and SLS, synthetic colorants, lanolin, phthalic acid Salt (phthalates) and other allergens (allergens) All products have passed dermatological and chemical tests such as DERMATOLOGICALLY, NICHEL, CHROME and COBALT. They do not contain fragrances that can easily cause allergies, nor do they contain harmful preservatives.

Italy AlterEgo Botanikare calming tonic 150ml

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    Usage: After shampooing, dry the hair and scalp with a towel, apply it on the scalp, then massage and comb it without washing. It can also be used on sensitive scalp after dyeing and scalding. It can restore normal pH to the scalp and relieve the discomfort of scalp after dyeing and scalding. It is recommended to use anti-allergic shampoo to have a more significant effect.

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