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ALTER EGO Nutty Silky Hair Oil

Silk blend oil hair oil treats the hair.

Provides instant gloss and softness. A mixture of precious nourishing oil and tame oil. It is very suitable for irregular and curly hair. Regenerate dull and frizzy hair.

The formula is free of sulfates, parabens and petrolatum to protect the hair structure as much as possible.

Silkworms are used to nourish and smooth the fiber, which can make the hair softer, brighter and easier to manage. It instantly makes the hair feel luxurious, transforming it into a long-lasting unique silky feel. This product line complements other hair care lines by providing more nutrition and maintaining elasticity.


✅Luxury care for natural and care hair

✅Provides instant gloss and softness.

✅Mix precious nourishing oil and tame oil

✅ Very suitable for shaky and frizzy hair

✅It is a fast repairing effect for dry or damaged hair after dyeing and perming

✅Contains various moisturizing vegetable oils, especially suitable for frizzy hair


The nut moisturizing products do not contain sulfates, preservatives, petrolatum and other ingredients, respecting the hair quality while protecting the hair.

✅URBAN SHIELD protection screen anti-pollution screen, protect hair color from foreign substances.

✅ARGAN OIL nut oil moisturizing|moisturizing|deeply moisturizing|preventing split ends|heat protection

✅COCONUT OIL Coconut Oil Gloss|Soft|Health|Regenerate hair core

✅SHEA BUTTER Shea Butter Repair|Protection|Moisturizing|Firming|Moisturizing|Long-lasting softness and luster

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Nut Moisturizing series is aimed at thick, extremely dry hair, moisturizing and repairing hair, making hair soft, shiny and easier to comb. Instantly makes hair softer and silky feel longer.

Imported from Italy AlterEgo SILK BLEND OIL Nut Silky Hair Oil 100mL

SKU: 5668
HK$395.00 Regular Price
HK$295.00Sale Price
  • Usage: Just apply a few drops to wet hair as a protection before styling; or use it on dry hair to make hair more shiny

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