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【Barbery】Barber's Grooming Men's Styling Set (Set of 2)


Set includes:
Barber's Grooming Lotion 300mL+Barber's Grooming Clay Pomade 100g (white combination)
Barber's Grooming Tonic 300ml  + Barber's Grooming Pomade 100g (Black Combination)



🔹Barber's Grooming Lotion (white combination)

【Barber Lee】Barber Lee Universal Primer Water |

✅Suitable for natural wavy hair and thick hair

✅Formula: Specially added a lot of hair growth and repairing ingredients, not greasy

✅Aloe vera plant formula moisturizes hair ✅Peppermint formula ✅Soft cologne fragrance

✅Effect: It can more effectively organize the direction of hair quality and make it easier to style, especially suitable for bases that require neat styling

🔹Barber's Grooming Clay Pomade 100g

【Barber Lee】Barber Lee's unique style for successful men |

✅Hair quality is suitable for all types of hair (fine and soft hair, preferred)

✅Recipe: mixed hair mud hair oil, vegetable wax formula

✅Heavy, light cologne flavor ✅High-quality kaolin clay ingredients,   butter texture, easy to spread evenly without tearing your head

✅Packaged in glass container to maintain the best quality ✅The effect is natural matte

✅Reshapeable with wet water ✅Suitable for messy layering, or natural fluffy casual styling



🔹Barber Lee Universal Primer | Primer (Black combination)

✅Suitable for lack of support and fine hair

✅Formula: Refreshing charcoal formula, no need to wash hands after use

✅Created for the humid climate in Asia ✅Can produce thicker and fuller effects ✅Enhance the layering of the shape

✅Maintain the styling effect throughout the day, not easy to collapse

🔹Barber's Grooming Pomade Hair Oil 100g

Style for Successful Men | Barber Oil

✅Good product for boosting self-confidence ✅Suitable for all hair types

✅Formula: Refreshing water-soluble formula ✅Imitation of 1664 cologne flavor

✅Packaged in glass containers to maintain the best quality ✅The quality is easy to harvest evenly, and cleaning does not need to be over-alkali

✅High setting power, medium to high gloss, fluffy and not rigid

✅Can be reshaped with wet water ✅Suitable for creating tight lines and hairstyles



【Barbery】Barber's Grooming Men's Styling Set (Set of 2)

HK$320.00 Regular Price
HK$230.00Sale Price
  • Step:1

    Use on wet hair, rub 3-5ml Gromming Lotion/Tonic, blow out the shape with a hot air blower, the effect is better with a flat comb

    Or use on dry hair, rub in Gromming Lotion/Tonic before applying styling products, and distribute evenly throughout hair with hands.


    Take an appropriate amount of hair mud or hair oil on the palm of your hand and spread it evenly (transparent), then grab the line shape in stages

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