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Vantachi men's matte hair mud 100ml


Matte 💖

Extra hard 💖


Easy to clean👍

No dust 👍

Can create dull, fluffy and messy effects💫

Water-soluble and easy to wash💆‍♀️

Strong styling 💞


Combines many benefits in one, especially suitable for weak hair. It can create a dull, fluffy and messy effect, make the hair more layered, can make the hair straight but not lose its naturalness, and can change the shape at any time without washing the hair. It is especially suitable for short hair, such as using with hair spray. Better.

Vantachi Japan Hair Clay Men's Matte Hair Clay (Strong Hold Styling) 100ml

SKU: 0028
HK$61.00 Regular Price
HK$47.00Sale Price

    For dry hair, apply a small amount of styling mud to the palm or fingertips and dare to apply it to the roots of the hair at a time.

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