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Suavecito Firme Hold Strong Wash-In Hair Oil 113G


Firme HoldPowerful wash-off hair oil, adding a unique proportion of petroleum jelly, coconut oil, jojoba oil and lavender essential oil,

Let the hair have water retention, the texture is very smooth and easy to push away, and the hair can be easily combed out, and it will harden a little after a period of time.

The wind will not mess up the hairstyle in the metropolis, the mature fragrance of men's cologne, exclusive anti-heat, anti-humidity, high viscosity and excellent reshaping performance,

Ranked as the No.1 Faucet of Washable Hair Oil!


✅Styling sense: The hair strands have a strong sense of line and firmness, perfectly creating a handsome oily head

✅Suitable for creating various bright shapes such as retro oil heads, aircraft heads, etc.

✅ Hold: Super strong, slightly hardens

✅Thick and strong sense of layering

✅ Gloss: Medium, Natural Gloss

✅ Fragrance: Classic cologne scent

✅ Capacity: 4oz / 113g

✅ Origin: USA


Fixed force: ★★★★★
Remodeling Power: ★★☆☆☆

Gloss: ★★★★☆
Washability: ★★★★☆


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Founded in California, USA, Suavecito Pomade has shocked the global hairdressing industry in just three years,

In one fell swoop, it became the leader of washable hair oil, and developed the water-based base formula for the first time, which is highly praised by all men.

In recent years, it has spanned various products and established its position as the king in the hair oil market.

Suavecito Firme Hold Strong Wash-Out Hair Oil 113G

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  • I.SuggestPrime hair with primer to maintain volume

    Ⅱ.Use a rib comb with a hair dryer to blow out the desired shape

    Ⅲ.Take an appropriate amount of hair oil in the palm of your hand and spread it evenly, then grab the line shape

    Ⅳ.Then use the flat comb to comb out the desired shape

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