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ShineMoist SMpleX Bond Filler NO. 4 Vegan Keratin Restoring Repair Cream 900ml New launch of the ultimate high-performance, deep-penetrating repairing cream hair mask treatment that fills all cuticles damaged by chemical processes such as bleaching, straightening, etc., infused with SMpleX Bond Protection Power lamination technology, and wheat germ vegan keratin infuse hair strands. Especially in cold and dry weather, it can moisturize and repair each fragile hair core from the inside out, strengthen and restore the elasticity and vitality of the hair. Professionally acidic pH formula helps lock in deep core moisture for visibly stronger hair. It has always been a professional hair core reorganization treatment recommended by star hair stylists in major hair salons.


Features: ✅Wheat germ x Kubuasu fruit covered with vegan keratin, penetrates deeply into the hair matrix, fills the bumps of the hair (the scaly surface layer that has been opened), and replenishes broken keratin chains

✅ Argan oil, citric acid, provide comprehensive care from the inside out.

ShineMoist SMpleX Bond Filler NO. 4 Vegan Keratin Restoring Repair Cream 900ml

SKU: 4589
HK$500.00 Regular Price
HK$400.00Sale Price
  • Instructions

    After shampooing, apply an appropriate amount of hair mask to damp hair, massage the mid-section and ends of hair and comb. After standing for 10-15 minutes, rinse thoroughly. No heating required. Use once a week, reducing frequency as hair health improves.

    Concentrated repair strength can be mixed with SMpleX Bond Builder No.1 3.75ml and added to the hair mask.

    Note: It is necessary to massage the head to be fully emulsified (see milky milky form), leave it for 15 minutes, and rinse with water. Provides moisture to hair (restores elasticity)

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