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ShineMoist SMpleX Chain Regeneration Treatment Set (Chain Restructuring Agent No. 1 x1 and Chain Fixing Agent No. 2 x2)

Contains 1 dose 500mL X1

2 doses of 500mL X2 



Add SMpleX NO.1 to any bleach, dye, electrical energy to slow down the damage of disulfide bonds when ammonia (ammonia) opens the scale surface for chemical action and heat, followed by using SMpleX NO.2 to rinse any bleach Electric part1 and dye stop all chemical action, repair salt & hydrogen bonds (salt & hydrogen bonds) greatly reduce moisture and keratin (Keratin) severe loss.

  • Build and restructure damaged hair fiber tissue to form healthy hair fiber tissue
  • Effectively reduces hair damage during electro-dyeing and bleaching
  • Extends the time for moisture and keratin loss during bleaching or chemical treatments
  • Protects the protein chains in the hair.
  • Effectively reduces moisture and severe loss of keratin during bleaching or chemical processes
  • Reduces hair damage and reduces stress on disulfide bonds


No.1 Bond Builder Chain Restructuring Agent 500ml

SMpleX NO.1 Bond Builder chain restructuring agent effectively improves damaged hair, enhances toughness and elasticity, and prevents hair breakage.

  • From extremely damaged to rebonded hair
  • Effectively improve damaged hair, enhance toughness and elasticity, and prevent hair breakage.
  • Maintains hair strength and rapidly increases adhesion during any chemical process, building strengthened hair with elastic healthy fibers.


No. 2 Bond Smoother Chain Fixer 500ml

Repairing salt & hydrogen bonds provide instant deep hydration and improved suppleness.

  • Repairing salt and hydrogen chain for instant deep hydration and improved hair softness
  • After any chemical procedure, rinse well and apply mid-section to ends, sparing the scalp
  • Bond Builder No. 1 Regenerates the bond, calms and nourishes stressed hair, and seals open cuticles for long-lasting health to the hair fiber.
  • After the hair chemical process, wash with shampoo and use SMplex Bond Smoother



ShineMoist SMpleX Chain Regeneration Treatment Set (Chain Restructuring Agent No. 1 x1 and Chain Fixing Agent No. 2 x2)

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