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Professional hairdressing brand Shine Moist anti-frizz series, aimed at dry weather in Asia, especially suitable for Asian hair

Required for curling

Byebye Frizzy Series Amino Acid Moisturizing Styling Bubble 150ml


*Bye bye no irritability, block moisture, light and loose *

*Deeply moisturizing and maintain long-term curling shape*



Light curly styling, amino acid complex instant moisturizing and oil control, strong hair shaping and new hairstyle Goodies

*Soy amino acid contains soy protein to help supplement human amino acids and hair nutrition.

*Citrus citric acid is suitable for hair maintenance and styling. It can effectively control the secretion of scalp oil and keep hair fresh and elegant. The combination of fresh lemon and citrus extract has the effect of refreshing and rejuvenating, refreshing your energy, fully displaying vitality and health, and dandruff-free hair feels fresh and refreshing.

*Hydrolyzed Keratin Keratin is as important to hair as collagen is to skin. Excessive loss of keratin in the hair will cause the hair to be fragile, slender, dry and dull. Products containing keratin can play a role in repairing and maintaining hair shine.

ShineMoist Byebye Frizzy Series Amino Acid Moisturizing Styling Bubble 150mL

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HK$90.00 Regular Price
HK$62.00Sale Price
  • Take an appropriate amount of curly hair styling bubbles in the palm of your hand and push it evenly, then gently hold the curls on the palm of your hand from the bottom to the top, so that the bubbles naturally blend into the hair.
    Use a hair dryer with warm air to twist the curl, and blow dry, so that the original curl of the hair will be naturally and lasting.
    You can also spray 5-10 cm away from your hair with a powerful styling spray to make the perfect look last all day!

  • If you are not satisfied with the quality of our products, we are happy to refund all customers. First, you need to notify us by email within the first 7 days after receiving our products. However, you need to pay the return shipping cost. Thank you.

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